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Schedule Recurring Sound Alerts


Sound Alerts At Recurring Intervals.

The sound alert app that alerts you with a sound at recurring intervals.

Simply pick the days, the time range, the interval in which the alert should sound, and the sound you want played. At every interval the sound you've selected is played. This continues until the end time is reached.

Each alert supports a reminder alert, which can play its own sound before or after the actual alert.

6 PDF Tools In One App

PDF Toolbox

Convert PDF to JPG and More.

Convert your PDF documents to images, one image per page. Image formats include JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP, BMP (Bitmap), and more.

PDF Toolbox includes several useful tools for working with PDF documents, including extracting embedded images, splitting PDF documents into multiple files, combining multiple documents into one, inspecting and editing PDF documents properties, and more.

PDF Toolbox is free for personal use.