How To: Firefox Screenshot - URL To Image

Firefox Web Browser
Firefox Web Browser

The guide uses WebSnap - URL To Image Utility (free) to take a full-page screenshot using Firefox.

Since you've found this page you have a need for turning a URL into a screenshot. If all you need is to take one screenshot than our software is overkill and a browser extension may be all you need and should be the first place you look. If you have the need to take screenshots on a regular basis, need to take multiple sizes (such as different mobile sizes), or need to have more control over the screenshot process, our software will likely be what you're looking for.

What You Will Need

Note: We plan to automate this process as much as possible in future releases.

Setting It Up (WebDriver)

Head to the File menu, then Options. Here you'll find a Firefox tab.

  • Provide the path to the Gecko WebDriver you downloaded.
  • Provide the path to your Firefox-based Web Browser executable, usually found within C:\Program Files\... on Windows.
  • (Optionally) provide any additional flags, which other articles will be written about in the future. You will likely just want to leave the default.

Save your changes and you'll be back on the main Window.

Setting It Up (URL)

Click the + icon to add a new URL. Upon doing so the right side of the app will show properties you may want to change for your use case. The one that must be filled in the Screenshots Folder. This is the folder where the screenshots are saved into.

Taking The Screenshot

The final step is what you've been waiting for, taking the actual screenshot. Depending on how many different sizes you have defined multiple screenshots may be taken. By default, one full-screen screenshot is taken.

The Capture button to the right of the URL is used to take screenshots.

Once complete you'll find the screenshot in your screenshots folder.

Screenshot Issues

If an error occurs while trying to take a screenshot, verify that you've provided the correct path to the Gecko WebDriver you downloaded as well as your Firefox-based executable. Both of these settings are in the first setup part of this guide, Setting It Up (WebDriver). This is most likely where your issue is.

If you continue to have problems, feel free to request help in our support forum.