How To: Convert JPG To PDF

How To: Convert JPG To PDF

Our free Image Converter Utility enables you to convert your JPG to PDF. You may also convert PNG, BMP, TIFF, and other image formats to PDF or to another image format.

Keep Your Privacy

There are online services that provide this functionality for free. When using those services you send your image to a third-party website and who knows what they do with it after that. Using our software your image never leaves your computer. It's also a handy app to have if you need to convert images regularly.

Download Image Converter

The first step is downloading and installing Image Converter. Image Converter is available for Windows and Linux (macOS to be supported in the future). Visit the Image Converter downloads section for the latest release for your platform.

Convert JPG To PDF

Image Converter (Light Theme)

Above is a screenshot of image Converter software. To convert a JPG (or another image) to PDF, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Select PDF from the Format list on the left column of the application. In the screenshots it's currently set to WebP.
  2. Choose where the PDF should be saved to via the Output Location. When using Source Folder the PDF is saved to the folder in which the image exists. Otherwise you may specify another folder.
  3. Click Add Images at the top-right to select one or more JPG (or other type) images. This adds those images to the queue, which is the grid below it.
  4. Finally click the Convert button and the queue will be processed.

It's that simple.