WebSnap - URL To Image Utility

Transform any URL into an image with WebSnap. Take full-page screenshots, just the first screen full, or just the part of the page you want. With one-click you can take screenshots of many different sizes, such as various mobile screen sizes.

This utility supports both Chrome screenshots as well as Firefox screenshots. Use one or the other or both. Choose the image format to save the screenshot as, there are 10+ to choose from.

Application Screenshots

WebSnap URL screenshot software dark theme. WebSnap URL screenshot software light theme.

Supported Platforms

On launch our software will support both Windows and Linux operating system. macOS, including the M1, will come later.


Check the Announcements forum for the latest releases.

Supported Image Formats

WebSnap supports saving screenshots of URLs in the following formats:

  • WebP
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • PSD (Photoshop)
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • TGA
  • PICT
  • IFF
  • PNM

Regional Support

You may want screenshots of a URL as seen from a country other than your own. This is fully supported. Specify your proxies or VPNs and our software will handle the rest.

Inject CSS

If you'd like to alter the styling of the page you can simply have CSS styles injected before screenshots are taken.

Inject JavaScript

If you'd like to alter the page itself you can simply have JavaScript injected and run before screenshots are taken.

Cookie Support

Need to be authenticated or wish to have cookies set before the screenshots are generated? No problem.

Cloud Support

Screenshots can automatically be stored directly on your cloud server, such as Amazon S3.

Custom File Naming

You have full control over the naming of the files generated. We provide various tokens to inject specific details about the screenshot into the filename that you may use.

Batch Screenshots

Run screenshots for a batch of URLs with a single click. Every URL inherits default settings but can be customized to their own.

How It Works

Our software uses headless Chrome or Firefox (your choice) to take screenshots and provides a friendly and intuitive interface for controlling it.

Money Saving

There are various API's available that provide some of these features and they cost quite a bit of money since you pay based on the number of screenshots you take. With our software you're able to take as many screenshots as you like. Our free edition may be all you need, in which case your costs are nothing. Our paid version pricing hasn't been finalized but it will be far less expensive than the API's services.