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Tips & Tricks

Here you'll find tips and tricks you may not have discovered on your own during the course of using Alerter.

1. Add Custom Sounds

Alerter sound choices come from sounds included and installed on your computer but you may add your own.

To add your own sounds, simply copy the file into the alerter sounds directory.

On Windows


On Linux & macOS


You may create subdirectories within the sounds directory. You will not need to restart Alerter but you will need to close and re-open the add/edit alert dialog if you have it open.

2. More Windows Sounds

Microsoft provides quite a few Windows themes that include system sounds. Visit Desktop Themes and download themes from the With custom sounds section. After downloading just double-click the file to install the theme. Be aware that Windows will change your desktop to the theme after it installs it.

3. Reminder Sound Only

Alerter allows you to select nothing for the sound file for the alert. By using the combination of having a reminder but no sound file selected for the alert, you will only hear the reminder. This is useful if you don't actually need a sound played at the actual alert time, but instead need one played before or after.