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Download Alerter for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Alerter Downloads

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Windows 10 & Windows 11



Big Sur and newer


Ubuntu 23.04 & Fedora 38**

Version 1.0.4 (Released October 18th, 2023)

*We're waiting to gauge interest in macOS and Linux releases of Alerter.

**Alerter has been tested with Ubuntu 23.04 and Fedora 38 & 39 Beta (Gnome & KDE). It will very likely work with other distributions.

Hear Sound Alerts At Recurring Intervals

The audio alerts application that plays an sound alert at a recurring interval during the days and time range you specify. Optional reminder sound alert plays before or after each alert.

Free Demo

Without a valid license key, Alerter runs in evaluation mode for 7-days, which you may use for evaluating the software before you buy.